Self Affirmations.

I will feel grateful and loved everyday. All the love I feel is already within myself. I feel confident in my body and soul. I radiate love and confidence. I have complete control of my body and mind. I treat people with kindness and they reward me for it. I feel sure of myself and who I am. I forgive myself for everything and let go of my past.

I do not question my body and its beauty. I do not feel jealousy and see just the best in people. I find my happiness within myself not others or material things. I care for myself and treat myself with the kindness I deserve. I feel proud of myself everyday.

I feel proud of the work I produce and endeavor to continuously keep learning new things everyday. I feel inspired as my career develops in all aspects of my life. I know the value of my work and what I am able to do for others and for myself.

I will not dwell on criticism or the people who criticise me. I will let it go and continue in a renewed and enlightened manner. I will respond by improving my behaviours and being better in my communication with others. I will try and stay silent and only speak when necessary. I will not be afraid of silence and being quiet or pausing for a rest. If I need space I will give myself space.